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About Us

Impactful Brush, Inc. is a non-profit organization that recognizes the power in being proud of where you’re from—both in retrospect as well as the here-and-now. The power of coming together to look out for one another and build (and rebuild, when necessary). The power of living and working in a neighborhood and learning in a school that’s clean, safe, strong in resources, and…looks good. 

That’s why we made it our mission to make a positive impact through art in underserved communities across the globe. We want to empower, enlighten, and bring hope to schools, shelters, health centers, detention centers, rec centers, and more. Through murals and other art activations, we magnify and coordinate existing efforts that inspire the people while transforming the space.

Impactful Brush collaborates with individuals and agencies in chosen communities to develop and create each project. That includes onboarding local middle and high schoolers to work with us from beginning to end: getting input on the design from the community, researching, painting, and getting credit for it. In addition to earning a stipend, the youth involved gain experience in the art process, learn the value of giving back, practice critical thinking, make a notable difference in their own backyard, and have fun doing it.

Along with art, Impactful Brush collaborates with other organizations that prioritize under-resourced communities to provide food and clothing giveaways, clean-the-block initiatives, playground construction, garden planting, environmental awareness, and more. The village approach to these projects nurtures a sense of community pride while allowing participants to experience a deep sense of accomplishment and connection.

Founded in Metro Atlanta by painter and muralist, Aysha Pennerman, the idea to create Impactful Brush sparked when she was asked by a former employer to lead two mural projects for the company’s community service days. One mural was for a women & children’s service center and the other was for a men’s shelter. After seeing their reactions to the murals, Aysha sought more opportunities to offer hope and even healing through art. In 2020, after gaining a few more years of experience in researching, planning, and activating public art, she started Impactful Brush, Inc.

Impacting lives,
one brush stroke at a time 

Our Values


in completing projects that are innovative and inspirational


to everyone we encounter


because we’re stronger when working together


for our words, our actions, and our results


 the world around us, the people in it, and their unique culture

Meet the Team

Aysha Pennerman

Founder & President

A creative who’s been on mission to use her talents for good. With the heart to love and help others, she combined the skills she gained over the years as a graphic designer and painter to make an impact. While leading a couple mural projects for a former employer, she saw the hope and inspiration in the eyes of the people they were serving. This experience sparked the idea of Impactful Brush. Her goal is to positively impact lives one brush stroke at a time.


Justin Pennerman 

Vice President

A mentor and coach who has also been on a mission to use his powers for good. His love and passion for the youth goes deep. His skills as speaking to youth at schools, being a former youth leader in churches, and coaching youth sports has propelled him to join his wife, Aysha in leading the youth initiatives within Impactful Brush. His goal for the youth is to leave knowing they're worth and inspired to reach their dreams.


Chloe Johnson

Environmental Specialist

An environmental scientist, on a mission to bring awareness and attention to environmental issues and conserving endangered species. Chloe has a B.S in Biology and a minor in Chemistry and is currently studying to obtain a M.Sc. in Biological & Environmental Sciences with a specialization in Ecology and Ecosystem Science. One of her main goals is to inspire more underrepresented people to be involved in the different fields of biology, especially wildlife biology. She plans to use her degrees and knowledge with Impactful Brush in combination with art to lead public art initiatives to inform the public about these issues and create solutions.


Sharon Bridges

Executive Secretary

Her love to help and support people sparked her to obtain a MBA in Human Resources. Now, with over 21 years of Human Resource and Federal Civilian Service experience, Sharon works her magic in support, coordination, and project management for leadership. She also serves as a First Responder for Federal Disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and COVID 19 pandemic) for the US Army Corps of Engineers. 

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